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Posted on March 5, 2006


Extract from a mail I posted on a Google Group

I always wonder why do we have such a short memory and why do we care so less……

When terror attacks we run……..we run for our lives…our own lives…how many times have we run for others… we live in our happy world as long as we are safe…..we only react when our lives are affected……well am talking of majority of us

We as a nation stand at such a critical position today…..we have economy which is rising we have 81 million citizen (which includes my sweeper guy) using mobile phones we have cheaper cars and computers.. we have world’s highest rate of female infanticide, feticide…we still burn wives, we have murderers and rapists going scot free, we have politicians who are ambassadors of communalism, we have dance of death everywhere around……..a human life just don’t mean anything………the list goes on

What can we do? The least we can do is show our concern, empathy, care in every possible way we can….when you care about some incident talk about it… spread the word… Actually Talk and don’t just write group emails and blogs……… Let your action show that you care… I ask how many of us had a black diwali and a colorless holi in remembrance of what happened in Godhra, Gujrat, the Tsunami, the Katrina…. when a family member passess away we don’t celebrate festivals for a year, right?? Let’s assume we are all members of one big family…humanity

If a couple of hundred odd members of this/yahoo/etc. groups don’t celebrate a particular festival…….say holi…. a thousand of their friends and family will ask them “why not celebrate?” You then explain them ….talk to them about why not…..thus would be built a conscience

I partied yesterday with my friends….lots of drinks and dance……. i also planned out a forthcoming holi bash…….. but hope some day i will be brave enough to step outta my safe and happy world and face the truth…. which is scary….

I wish some day we all are brave enough to sacrifice a little something of ours for the cause of something that happened thousands of miles away…….. geographically, socially etc.

No crusader

PS. I proposed a series of March for Jessica starting from this sunday…chalked out a proper plan and posted on 3 yahoo groups i follow.. I got in all 4 responses.

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