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Time to stand up and stand tall

June 26, 2008


Some time back I was invited by Bangalore based FM Radio Indigo, to talk about one of the Blogging initiatives I was engaged in. Before the show started, I was chit chatting with the RJ and casually mentioned the word alternate sexuality. She immediately shook her head in serious negation conveying me that I shouldn’t […]

What is wrong in preaching atheism, its a religion too

June 26, 2008


There is this latest controversy in Kerela on a 7th standard school text book as reported by The Telegraph For the past one week, pro-UDF student activists have been out on the streets, attacking the police, burning textbooks and damaging public property. Arrested leaders of the Kerala Student Union have launched a fast in jail. […]

Great Bangalorean Language debate

June 13, 2008


This one is up at Mutiny again. The original post, Electoral View of a Techie, by Jerry Mannel. In the piece he has expressed his discomfort regarding so many things that’s wrong with Bangalore and the high expectation he has from the newly formed BJP Government. It’s a criticism, sarcasm too but certainly not a […]

What’s in a name

June 12, 2008


Seriously, I have never heard anything more ridiculous than this. A rape convict who shares his name with the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru left the Supreme Court frowning. The apex court observed that such culprits had no right to share names with exalted national leaders. “You have committed a rape and share the name […]


June 11, 2008


The Local markets here in Dwarka, New Delhi are flooded with pirated movie CDs and DVDs. But that’s not news. Those pirated CDs and DVDs are everywhere in every city. What is new is something called a DVD9. A DVD with around 25 to 30 movies in one at the cost of around INR 200 […]