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Freedom:When they abuse it, what would you do?

January 28, 2009


Two of my favorite people crossed the cyber path at not very friendly terms or so it seems to me. Who do I support now, this is like the greatest dilemma of my life 😛 Ok Jokes apart, here’s what has happened. Sandil wrote this post on Mutiny about how he refused to accept Republic […]

Protest meeting against the Mangalore Incident

January 27, 2009


Ever since I have published the previous post on Mutiny, I have been blamed of being illogical, cynical. Yes I am being cynical cause I am sick and tired of seeing the injustice. People are attacked and abused every other day on some pretext or the other but justice is never done. I see no […]

Die dear nation

January 26, 2009


We saw the re-runs over and over again on all the channels. Bunch of men going about hitting some girls openly. One girl was seen running out of the gate and a man slapped her, another girl fell on the floor and was kicked, another girl seen sitting on a sofa a man seen pulling […]