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WTF, No Fuck?

August 21, 2008


I was reading this news where in London a certain Bishop is angry that a certain priest under his jurisdiction has performed same sex marriage. I couldn’t understand the piece properly. It was full of Christian religious jargon so I am not sure what exactly has happened. The Bishop is angry at 2 priest, now […]

What is wrong in preaching atheism, its a religion too

June 26, 2008


There is this latest controversy in Kerela on a 7th standard school text book as reported by The Telegraph For the past one week, pro-UDF student activists have been out on the streets, attacking the police, burning textbooks and damaging public property. Arrested leaders of the Kerala Student Union have launched a fast in jail. […]

Story Telling, urban legends & religion

March 9, 2008


Caution: You shouldn’t read this post if you have weak religious sentiments which gets hurt easily. Instead, you could read the more polished version on Mutiny. Long time back I heard about this concept called “truth of thought” At times human beings think of something deeply, they tend to believe that their thoughts are part of the truth. […]