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As we go for elections the world is watching us

April 15, 2009


Found this on a New Zealand based website. “Murderers and thieves are likely to be elected when Indians vote tomorrow, and that’s putting the world’s largest democracy at risk, writes Ruth Hill.” The article is about the criminals that are contesting the forthcoming general elections. I must say its a well researched piece. Some excerpts: […]

Freedom:When they abuse it, what would you do?

January 28, 2009


Two of my favorite people crossed the cyber path at not very friendly terms or so it seems to me. Who do I support now, this is like the greatest dilemma of my life 😛 Ok Jokes apart, here’s what has happened. Sandil wrote this post on Mutiny about how he refused to accept Republic […]

What’s in a name

June 12, 2008


Seriously, I have never heard anything more ridiculous than this. A rape convict who shares his name with the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru left the Supreme Court frowning. The apex court observed that such culprits had no right to share names with exalted national leaders. “You have committed a rape and share the name […]

Child sexual abuse

May 20, 2008


Reproducing an article of Telegraph I found here. Bumped into it when I was trying to look for a law which covers child sexual abuse in India. Turned out there is none at the moment. Also interesting to note, wrong touches which are not exactly forceful touch or abuse, are not covered under the IPC. […]

A Statement on Indian Judiciary

April 4, 2008


A statement by Asian Human Rights Commission For Immediate Release AHRC-STM-078-2008 March 26, 2008 India cannot afford judicial extravaganza “Except for the crime in question, Mr. R. K. Sharma was an asset to the nation…” The national media in India reported that this observation was made by the Additional Sessions Judge Mr. Rajendra Kumar Shastri […]

Crimes against Woman and Children

May 4, 2006


Crime against woman and children : Obscenity Crime against woman has been an ever expanding subject with the society inventing new ways to suppress a woman. It is ironical that while some of the offences were defined in the Indian Penal Code way back in 1870, with the advancement advent of 21st century woman, advancement […]

Crime of Sedition

May 4, 2006


From my Lecture in AIMC… ————————— Sedition – Definitions As defined in Ferdico’s Criminal Law and Justice Dictionary “Advocacy of resistance to, disruption of or otherwise of the Government through speech, publications or other acts, short of overt acts of treason.” Treason is not defined as a crime in the Indian Penal Code. Art 111 […]