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Why Anna Hazare did you sell out?

April 9, 2011


The cynic shall speak now. I wouldn’t lie, I was a bit scared to open my cynical mouth earlier. Didn’t want to be the spoil sport amidst this “me too can do Egypt” euphoria over the last 4 days, just in case, I mean just in case something good came out of it. But now […]

India vs Pakistan that memorable win and Cricket vs Hockey that old debate

March 31, 2011


So, India beat arch rivals Pakistan in the semi finals of the 2011 Cricket World Cup at Mohali today. The whole country is celebrating except a few jealous Hockey and Soccer fans. If any of them is left that is. This is a fictitious conversation between me and a critic who is upset with the […]

On Jade goody, death, womanhood and some more misplaced lament on Desicritics

July 24, 2009


[Click here for all my other debates] A couple of months back when Jade Goody died I wrote this obituary, ‘Jade Goody: The winner took it all‘ on my personal blog and on Desicritics. Interestingly the post on Desicrtics got as many as 81 comments, most of them directed at me in anger, by women […]

Freedom:When they abuse it, what would you do?

January 28, 2009


Two of my favorite people crossed the cyber path at not very friendly terms or so it seems to me. Who do I support now, this is like the greatest dilemma of my life 😛 Ok Jokes apart, here’s what has happened. Sandil wrote this post on Mutiny about how he refused to accept Republic […]

More thoughts after the Delhi blasts

September 17, 2008


The previous post on Delhi Blasts is one of the most un-biased post I have ever written. I gave enough thoughts before writing it, I read the draft over and over again to ensure I wasn’t blaming any religious community. It kind of paid too, the post got a record 296 unique page views on […]

The story of Haj Subsidy

August 23, 2008


I happened to have by chance stumbled upon Atanu Dey‘s blog post on Haj Subsidy. It was an interesting read and I kind of agreed on most of his arguments. What I particularly liked is the alternative he has suggested to Indian Government to follow till the time the Haj Subsidy is totally abolished. I […]

Great Bangalorean Language debate

June 13, 2008


This one is up at Mutiny again. The original post, Electoral View of a Techie, by Jerry Mannel. In the piece he has expressed his discomfort regarding so many things that’s wrong with Bangalore and the high expectation he has from the newly formed BJP Government. It’s a criticism, sarcasm too but certainly not a […]

Secularism v. Hinduism – II

March 8, 2008


Crazy comments made by anonymous commentator who it seems are supporters of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh on my post “Did you read the Morung Express” on Mutiny. The post is wirtten under the categories popular media, new media and India. I have raised some questions about regionalism in our country and how its been so […]

On Hindu personal Laws

March 7, 2008


The original context can be found in the comments section of my post “Atheism, marriage and Law” found in Mutiny Archive for Dec 2007. Key context Section 19 of Special Marriage Act and how it is worded in manner to discourage inter caste marriages are discouraged. Below are the long comments I made in that […]