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Women rights and Arab revolution

April 23, 2011


First time I heard of a country called Yemen was in the popular series FRIENDS when in order to get rid of his psycho girlfriend, Chandler lied to her that he has been transferred to Yemen. At that time I didn’t get the horror of it. I wondered what was there to shudder so much […]

On Burqa again

April 12, 2010


I am not being judgmental again, I am just sharing this video. They call themselves equal opportunity blasphemers, atheist who disbelieve both God and Allah. And I equally disbelieve in any Hindu God. Watch the video This video is entitled "Back in Their Burkhas Again" and it was taken at the 2010 American Atheist Convention […]

Women in Bangladesh’s politics

May 27, 2009


An account on the participation of women in Bangladesh’s Political scene. There are quite a few strong women who are part of the latest Cabinet in Bangladesh but still the condition of women is not very good. Laws need amendments. Despite having women politicians and women in leadership positions, domestic violence and sexual harassment continue […]

Die dear nation

January 26, 2009


We saw the re-runs over and over again on all the channels. Bunch of men going about hitting some girls openly. One girl was seen running out of the gate and a man slapped her, another girl fell on the floor and was kicked, another girl seen sitting on a sofa a man seen pulling […]

…Challenge them

April 30, 2008


This is a discussion seed I wrote for Blogathon India. The topic of discussion was: “What are the challenges that society faces in accepting the concept of alternate sexuality? How can we address them?” I say, Challenge them. The society doesn’t face challenges – they create them and impose them on each other. What is alternate […]

Women and Religion

March 11, 2008


This video released by UNFPA tells the stoy of the unborn who was never born. Picture this, India outlawed gender selection and selective abortion in 1994, but the practice still continues. British medical journal Lancet says 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India in the past 20 years Source: BBC Over and over […]

Is this funny?

June 19, 2006


I personally never felt so disgusted with this newspaper before……. but this was heights….. They published this news of people renting out their wife in areas Gujarat. For long Gujarat have had a large number of Tribes (Bedia to name one) who are traditional prostitute. Sex trade is now wearing a different mask, thanks to […]

Crimes against Woman and Children

May 4, 2006


Crime against woman and children : Obscenity Crime against woman has been an ever expanding subject with the society inventing new ways to suppress a woman. It is ironical that while some of the offences were defined in the Indian Penal Code way back in 1870, with the advancement advent of 21st century woman, advancement […]

Awake and Arise Woman

April 3, 2006


No one can help you until you stand up for yourself. Woman you are so weak. You are so scared. Scared of your feelings. Of your desires. Of your Dreams. You, lying in your bed waiting……waiting for someone to make you feel like a woman…don’t be ashamed of your desires tonight. Speak up. Ask with […]

Abhudaya Ashrama in Madhya Pradesh: Fighting traditional prostitution

December 13, 2005


Update dt 23rd April 2011 (That’s right 6 years after I wrote this post) Found out this link which is the Ashrama’s only presence on web – And this article on Hindu — We the SARI/Q Good Practice Action Research team are doing a Good Practice Research Study. A good practice is a […]