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India vs Pakistan that memorable win and Cricket vs Hockey that old debate

March 31, 2011


So, India beat arch rivals Pakistan in the semi finals of the 2011 Cricket World Cup at Mohali today. The whole country is celebrating except a few jealous Hockey and Soccer fans. If any of them is left that is. This is a fictitious conversation between me and a critic who is upset with the […]

26/11 – One India is an over statement at least in Mumbai

November 26, 2009


Last year’s post, first reaction to the terror strike I am sorry to say but on this anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack I can’t help but being at my cynical best. Cynicsm, despair, anger, frustration and helplessness has hit an all time high. All this talk of unity and solidarity seems to be such […]

Freedom:When they abuse it, what would you do?

January 28, 2009


Two of my favorite people crossed the cyber path at not very friendly terms or so it seems to me. Who do I support now, this is like the greatest dilemma of my life 😛 Ok Jokes apart, here’s what has happened. Sandil wrote this post on Mutiny about how he refused to accept Republic […]

December 18, 2008


I found this article a very good read. It’s on the 26/11 and aftermath. How for the first time India’s elite has been bloodied, may be now they’ll take democracy. The crux has been best put by Author James Crabtree in this para India’s elite has long seen itself as a cosmopolitan island, fused to […]

Election Style: American and Indian

November 4, 2008


The US presidential election is typically a test of “How color blind are the Americans yet.” This is really the time when they need to prove that racism no longer exist in that country for no matter what promises these two candidates made in their campaign and no matter what the credentials are, if Obama […]

US showed the middle finger to Modi

September 4, 2008


NEW DELHI: In a severe rebuke to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the United States has denied him entry to America. Taking a strong stand against the senior BJP leader and Hindutva icon, the US Consular division on Friday denied him a “diplomatic visa”, apparently holding him responsible for the communal riots in Gujarat in […]

Time to stand up and stand tall

June 26, 2008


Some time back I was invited by Bangalore based FM Radio Indigo, to talk about one of the Blogging initiatives I was engaged in. Before the show started, I was chit chatting with the RJ and casually mentioned the word alternate sexuality. She immediately shook her head in serious negation conveying me that I shouldn’t […]