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What all cell phone user must know: TRAI regulation about collection agents

January 29, 2010


Originally published in Financial Express After RBI, it’s now Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) that has cracked the whip on outsourced agencies that harass consumers for outstanding dues. Issuing guidelines on Friday prescribing a code of conduct for outsourced agencies, the regulator said telecom operators must have a transparent policy on recovering dues, without […]

May the real idiots please stand up and STOP TWEETING on #3Idiots

January 1, 2010


Its just crazy how many people are talking about the 3 Idiots v. Five Point Someone controversy on Twitter. Everytime I see every Tom Dick and Harry on Twitter discussing any of these matters as if they are some kind of subject matter expert it makes me laugh so hard that I almost end up […]

The news

August 12, 2008


Who wants to write a depressing political post after having taken a trip to the mushy world of poetry. Nobody. Then don’t see the news channels.  But I did. So here you have another post from me after the poem I published a while ago.   So I am on CNN IBN. A triumphant Rajdeep […]

Do something

March 5, 2006


Extract from a mail I posted on a Google Group ——————————– I always wonder why do we have such a short memory and why do we care so less…… When terror attacks we run……..we run for our lives…our own lives…how many times have we run for others… we live in our happy world as long […]

March 4, 2006


A mail I posted to 3 yahoo groups…. proposing a protest March for Jessica… I got in all 4 responses. ——————————- This is Regarding the Jessica Lal Murder case…posting this message to all the Yahoo group I follow. “The legal experts say that her family members cannot even ask for a retrial themselves. Is that […]

Abhudaya Ashrama in Madhya Pradesh: Fighting traditional prostitution

December 13, 2005


Update dt 23rd April 2011 (That’s right 6 years after I wrote this post) Found out this link which is the Ashrama’s only presence on web – And this article on Hindu — We the SARI/Q Good Practice Action Research team are doing a Good Practice Research Study. A good practice is a […]

The Plight of Ganesha

September 9, 2005


These days I, with mom and dad are looking out, in and around of Delhi, for a piece of land with or without a structure on it, which we can call our own, which is where my retired dad hopes to spend the remaining of his life. Before our search commenced we were warned by […]