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May 15 Revolution in Spain: A list of interesting readings across the web

June 2, 2011


45% of Spain’s youth is unemployed and they are angry. They want jobs, housing and ‘real democracy.’ The Egypt like uprising is being seen Spain since May 15th and is predicted to spread across Europe soon. Didn’t we always think Europe has the greatest democracy? But see how the cookie crumbles. These are relevant times […]

Best article I read on the question of racist attacks on Indian student in Australia

April 21, 2010


Are the multiple attacks on Indian students in Australia a form of racism? Is Australia a racist country? Are these attacks carried on only against Indian students? Are there other Asian communities in Australia facing similar attacks. This issue has been media’s favorite for a long time. Enough has already been written on both sides. […]

On homosexuality

May 28, 2009


I often wonder what is the relation between religion and sexuality. I have not yet read enough on it to make a post but I do know that Islam and Christianity condemns homosexuality. Hinduism is perhaps silent on the topic. Anyway I found these following reading interesting. Bishop Robert Bennett of the Diocese of Huron […]

Women in Bangladesh’s politics

May 27, 2009


An account on the participation of women in Bangladesh’s Political scene. There are quite a few strong women who are part of the latest Cabinet in Bangladesh but still the condition of women is not very good. Laws need amendments. Despite having women politicians and women in leadership positions, domestic violence and sexual harassment continue […]