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On Burqa again

April 12, 2010


I am not being judgmental again, I am just sharing this video. They call themselves equal opportunity blasphemers, atheist who disbelieve both God and Allah. And I equally disbelieve in any Hindu God. Watch the video This video is entitled "Back in Their Burkhas Again" and it was taken at the 2010 American Atheist Convention […]

Die dear nation

January 26, 2009


We saw the re-runs over and over again on all the channels. Bunch of men going about hitting some girls openly. One girl was seen running out of the gate and a man slapped her, another girl fell on the floor and was kicked, another girl seen sitting on a sofa a man seen pulling […]

Time to stand up and stand tall

June 26, 2008


Some time back I was invited by Bangalore based FM Radio Indigo, to talk about one of the Blogging initiatives I was engaged in. Before the show started, I was chit chatting with the RJ and casually mentioned the word alternate sexuality. She immediately shook her head in serious negation conveying me that I shouldn’t […]

Grow up people

August 6, 2006


People sometimes act so cowardly and Hypocritacilly. I have written testimonials for some people I know. Wanted to have this guy’s feedback on what I had to write about him. He read it and got so panic stricken, left offliners for me, comments on the blog itself and then spoke over the phone asking me […]

What should be done to the rapists?

June 26, 2005


I wrote parts of this piece 7 years ago on an Orkut discussion board, as a reaction to the online uproar against the then ‘popular’ rape incident. The topic of discussion was “what should be done to the rapists?” This stands relevant even today, when the social media is buzzing with demands of capital punishment, […]