Photography workshop for sex workers, by GAP

April 21, 2010


Working with French-born photographer Magali Pettier, women involved in a weekly drop-in support group called Girls are Proud (GAP), at the homeless charity Tyneside Cyrenians, learned about the technical aspects of taking and developing photographs. They then took the images and used the project as a means of escaping from their covert activities, says Laura […]

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Best article I read on the question of racist attacks on Indian student in Australia

April 21, 2010


Are the multiple attacks on Indian students in Australia a form of racism? Is Australia a racist country? Are these attacks carried on only against Indian students? Are there other Asian communities in Australia facing similar attacks. This issue has been media’s favorite for a long time. Enough has already been written on both sides. […]

On Burqa again

April 12, 2010


I am not being judgmental again, I am just sharing this video. They call themselves equal opportunity blasphemers, atheist who disbelieve both God and Allah. And I equally disbelieve in any Hindu God. Watch the video This video is entitled "Back in Their Burkhas Again" and it was taken at the 2010 American Atheist Convention […]

What all cell phone user must know: TRAI regulation about collection agents

January 29, 2010


Originally published in Financial Express After RBI, it’s now Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) that has cracked the whip on outsourced agencies that harass consumers for outstanding dues. Issuing guidelines on Friday prescribing a code of conduct for outsourced agencies, the regulator said telecom operators must have a transparent policy on recovering dues, without […]

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Happy Republic Day and Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara: Quick thoughts

January 26, 2010


Right now, Happy Republic Day is trending at no.8 on Twitter. So is #HolyCrapBatman at no.6 and at no.1 is #thoughtsonthetoilet. You get the drift? Certain enthusiastic patriot jumped up in joy and tweeted "Indians are dominating Twitter too, Happy Republic Day is trending." "Of course it will trend, because Americans are sleeping otherwise something […]

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May the real idiots please stand up and STOP TWEETING on #3Idiots

January 1, 2010


Its just crazy how many people are talking about the 3 Idiots v. Five Point Someone controversy on Twitter. Everytime I see every Tom Dick and Harry on Twitter discussing any of these matters as if they are some kind of subject matter expert it makes me laugh so hard that I almost end up […]

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26/11 – One India is an over statement at least in Mumbai

November 26, 2009


Last year’s post, first reaction to the terror strike I am sorry to say but on this anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack I can’t help but being at my cynical best. Cynicsm, despair, anger, frustration and helplessness has hit an all time high. All this talk of unity and solidarity seems to be such […]